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  • Is there a deposit to reserve my event?
    Yes, a 50% deposit is due at the time of contract signing. Your deposit will be subtracted from your overall ending balance. Deposits can be made via cash or Direct Deposit.
  • ​Can you provide the alcohol from my event?
    We will consult with you prior to the event to ensure you get the most value for money when choosing your beverages.
  • ​How will the staff be dressed?
    Standard dress code is black pants and black shirt/polo. However, we will dress according to your event theme. Further detail can be discussed at contract signing.
  • ​​How many staff do I need?
    We recommend the following: Up to 50 guests – 1 bartender 50-125 guests – 2 bartenders 125+ guests - 3 or more bartenders
  • ​When should I reserve my event if I want a package?
    We prefer 4-6 weeks prior to your desired date to allow ample time to prepare and order additional supplies, as needed. However, we will do our best to accommodate all requests.
  • ​Who is responsible for my guests and their alcohol consumption?
    All of our bar staff have their RSA and are educated in the techniques of serving alcohol responsibly. However, the host is ultimately responsible for their guests and their actions. Serve It Up Sydney reserves the right to refuse service if we feel a guest has had too much to drink.
  • ​What payments do you accept?
    We accept Cash , Credit Card and Direct Deposit. Payment should be made in full prior to the start of the event.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    ​​50% of your deposit will be refunded if canceled 1 week prior to your reservation. No refund will be provided with less than 1 week notice.
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